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About us

Mission Statement -  "Empower Humanity, One Person at a time: Providing the most cost-effective means for starting a mobile business, while setting a charitable example for all businesses."

Company Vision - A world with a majority of social-conscious entrepreneurs.

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We started the Arete name in the food vending industry with the goal of bringing quality food trucks, Concession carts, and Vending trailers into a new market of entrepreneurs on a budget.

Our goal is to help others empower themselves with their own prospective dreams. 

Our custom concession trailers are all built brand new, with the quality & knowledge that comes from many years of experience.

Built according to USA codes passing EPA & FDA regulations, our custom trailers are simply unbeatable in terms of value.


With the Arete name, we chose to base our value on quality & ethics, so our pricing options have allowed prospective business owners the BEST Return on Investment over any other food truck, trailer, or cart. 


Our award winning designs have been replicated by manufacturers around the world, but none have the original patent, & none make the builds or provide exceptional US based experience & expertise like Arete.


Personal Vending businesses have been around for millennia for a reason; they provide a sense of intrigue seeing a fellow human offering out their passion in public.

Whether you plan to roll out one of our signature "Rounder" food carts at the county fair, or your farmers market needs an eye catching trailer, our concession trailers & food carts are fully custom with an unique  look that will be sure to properly represent your concession cart business to drive more sales.

Our eye catching food trailers & vending carts are a necessary investment to drive more sales for many years to come.  All of our food vending trailers & concession stands come with a manufacturers limited warranty on appliances and trailers, access to our nationwide dealership resale channels, so if anything is faulty or not what you expect, you have the security our company offers.


Most Other custom food trailers and vending carts start on the low end around $30,000, and can cost you upward of $200,000 for a business opportunity.  

The name “Arete” is a Greek word meaning; "striving for excellence & virtue" so we found the word fitting for our offerings of quality food carts at a price that meets the virtue of making your dreams happen.

We are changing the game when it comes to starting your own vending business, by offering the lowest prices by a multiple of 3x for a custom food truck business.

With prices like this, its even easy to start a brand and begin your own franchise of food carts or vending trailers.

Our business models allow you to establish a very easy ROI business model that any franchise for sale would want.  Become a franchisee, start your own franchise, and take advantage of your own franchise opportunity with Arete Food Trailers here to help.

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