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Having a custom built trailer takes time & careful attention.  Our custom food trucks take 12-15 weeks to arrive upon production.  Time to build your custom concession cart depends on several factors; Our Waitlist, Shipping Location, Complexity of build, & Freight Logistics.  

We ship our vending carts to anywhere in the world; Major cities will be lower cost shipping than smaller cities, we will quote you for both when you submit a quote on our form seen at this link


We ship your custom food vending trailer via freight liner all major cities, loading them into a large 40 ft HQ container and every food trailer we ship is fully secured and shipped insured, so any damages that may occur are fully covered to be repaired in the very rare case there is any aesthetic damage.  


Once your custom food trailer is around 1 week away, we will provide a more accurate pick up date for you to arrange pick up at your local warehouse or delivered directly to you.  We provide the Bill of sale & Certificate of Origin for you to register your vending trailer with DMV, so transporting the trailer to DMV is allowed to register it.

Assembly information

If you decide to ship your concession trailer to a major city nearest you versus direct, it will typically ship to a warehouse that will unload the trailers and stage for your pickup.  All small trailers around 7-9 ft will be fully assembled unless otherwise stated.  Larger trailers like our Boxer or Streamliner models will require a minor amount of assembly; specifically you will need to put on the towbar and sometimes the wheels at the warehouse in order to tow away.  


Sometimes these delivery warehouses will be able to help you assemble for a small fee $50-150, otherwise they will allow you to do so on your own.  


To assemble the towbar, you would simply slide the towbar into the chassis and secure it with 4 bolts included (See Video Below), so you will need a helping hand to keep steady and a couple of wrenches to tighten the bolts, this process takes around 30 minutes.  











For wheel assembly, you will need to use lifting jacks on our box model to raise the trailer up and for our streamliner models the warehouse will provide lifting assistance with their forklifts to allow you to put on the wheels and tighten the lugnuts included with a tire iron, similar to putting on a spare tire, the process of tire assembly takes about 30 minutes.

DMV registration

For registration at DMV, we will provide you the bill of sale & the certificate of origin, both including the concession trailer's new Vin #.  Simply go to your local DMV & fill out a standard registration form.  Go to DMV with your food trailer, bring bill of sale and certificate of origin,  DMV will check out your vending trailer & will need to approve it DOT safe in order to give you your plates.

Return & Warranty Policy

We have a 1 year manufacturers limited warranty on the food trailer build & appliances used in your concession cart.  If anything is faulty with either your food trailer or your appliances in your vending cart, we will ship out additional items, or pay for repairs.  This warranty is limited to non-accidental and non-operational instances where the item ceases to work or malfunctions.

Since these are custom made vending trailers, we have a no refund policy on the trailer itself once we reach 10 days of full production.


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