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We know that financing may be necessary for some who dream of purchasing a food truck or vending cart. 


To make things easier and smoother, we have taken the time to  recommend some leasing companies that have worked with our customers in the past.

You may also use any personal financing source of your choice.


Financing through many accredited companies listed below has benefits of:

  • Low interest rates

  • Monthly payments

  • Short term contracts

  • Build up your credit


With our value driven prices for a food vending operation, financing is no problem these days, and most of our operations make back their investments in the first few months.


Some Leasing Options for Custom Food Trailers:

North Star Leasing

Contact: Michael Maher

Direct: 802-860-3565

Steer Financial

Contact: Vanessa Arellano

Office: 858.704.244


Acelera Financial (California Businesses Only)

Contact: Marcelo Henao

KOALA Capital

LEAF Commercial Capital

Opportunity Fund 

(30% Down, 70% Financed)

Contact: 1-866-299-8173




US Bank (*100% Financing for established businesses)

Contact: Syed Hague (213) 321-0505

*Restrictions may apply

Bank of Cardiff

Contact:  1-877-234-5123​


Baycap Financing

Contact: 1 (877) 992 2922  E-mail:

Truckers's Post

Small Loans $5k range with credit companies 90-days same as cash with 0% apr, & NO credit checks:


If you have been pre-qualified at another financial institution, you are welcome to use this for your purchase of our custom vending trailers.

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