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Charity contributions

The Arete name comes from the Greek Word for "Excellence & Virtue."  

Staying true to our name we have affiliated ourselves with a non-profit organization that sets up micro-loans to help fund people & villages around the world.

Micro-loans are some of the most sustainable charity contributions one can make, as 98% of the loans are repaid & put back into a system that changes the course of families & villages who would otherwise have no access to a bank or any funding for their own ventures.


Feel free to donate any $ amount to any of 3 Charity fundraisers below and we will match your donation Dollar for Dollar!!

  • For Every Trailer Arete Sells, we are able to fund 3 Micro-Finance Projects around the world.  


  • For every 100 Trailers Arete Sells, we setup & donate 1 food trailer to a prospecting entrepreneur in need.

Kiva Supporter


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Some of our Funded Projects

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