become an official arete dealer

Do you believe in the mission of providing people with an affordable business startup while maintaining a charity emphasis?

Then you might be interested in joining the Arete Dealership program to start your own Trailer Showroom in your nearest city!

Some of the benefits include access to an established Arete customer base, 1st class

Advertising & Marketing at no cost, a reliable business model with GREAT profits, proven  USA licensed concession trailers, & 0 fees.

If your interested in investing with the Arete business, we will now be wholesaling to officially licensed Arete Dealers throughout the USA, with as little investment as 3 trailers!

Our whole mission is to spread the opportunity of low cost food vending trailers throughout the US and set a charitable example for entrepreneurs; our showroom franchise centers will allow just that!

This opportunity will allow individuals to make a small investment with some of the best dealership terms around, a small learning curve, keeping their own retail profits, and growing at their own pace.



Initial Inventory Investment of:  $13,000-$80,000+ in vending carts to get started, based on your budget. 

Estimated $800-1600/month lease depending on your budget.

NO fees, NO Tax on your Revenues, NO Quotas.

We sell to you wholesale at a discounted rate on an "As-needed" basis, so that you can invest with whatever budget you may have, allowing you to be a part of the Arete business model, and grow your Dealership accordingly.



Just like our quotes, we streamline the learning process, so that you can Obtain the knowledge of our industry with ease,  allowing you to sell custom vending trailers & concession carts to clients in your local.


Reap the benefits of specialists we have invested in;   UI/UX designers, SEO, Marketing, Advertising.  Through our website, we generate visitors and build a sense of trust, you will take advantage of by being a partner.


With an established Brand like Arete, you will establish a sense of trust, along with driving more customer foot traffic from those who find us online from your local area.


Becoming a Dealer doesn't begin and end with our website, we also make sure your local showroom will be promoted locally through various online channels.  This will help drive traffic and inquiries to your business Free of Charge.


One of the best incentives is to Reap the benefits of our large marketing budget that advertises Nationwide.  With our online paid traffic, we receive visitors from across the US daily, so you can expect people in your local area that want to visit your showroom.


One of the best benefits of partnering, is the reliability of a set and proven business plan.  Arete has a proven track record with financials that will bring confidence to a successful business.


The food trailer industry is very complex and involves many regulating agencies in the US.  Many builders and dealers will not abide by the necessary regulations;  we ensure that all of our trailers are adapted to meet DOT, FDA, & EPA regulations.


We supply your showroom with vending trailers compliant to DOT, EPA, FDA, & we also do a quality check to be sure things like American Electrical and manufacturer defects are avoided.  We also will protect your showroom territory with limits on dealerships.

Low Cost

Just like our product offerings, our dealerships are one of the best investments around.  Concession trailer investments starting at $13,000,  Property Lease est $800-1200.  No ongoing fees or tax on your revenues.

Contact us at aretefoodtrailers@gmail.com  for more information about starting your own Arete Showroom Dealership.