Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Arete Food Trailers LLC is located in Ontario, California, USA Some of our sales team is located remotely throughout California. Our showroom address is by appointment only at 4035 E. Guasti Rd. Unit 306, Ontario, California 91761 We are an American dealer/distributor & every team member you speak with is proudly hired and based in the United States. In order to maintain our value pricing we get our custom food truck chassis and body from our factory Arete Brande Shoppe Co., Ltd. overseas, with American foreman they are made specifically for American standards like DOT, EPA, FDA, etc. *See our blog post about sourcing trailers from overseas. All electrical wiring in our trailers are according to American Wire Gauge standards. Our appliances are sourced from various commcercial appliance manufacturers in China.

Will your food trailers meet our county health code?

We ship & serve worldwide, each county's health code is unique and can vary based on the type of operation. We have been able to meet all county health codes. Our stock trailers meet most, if not all health code requirements across the US. If you present us with your specific requirements, we will quote you on cost & timeline to meet your specific county codes. We cannot install your Ansil fire suppression system or propane lines, most customers hire licensed professionals in their local to install these 2 specifics things. The most common requirements you will need us to meet specific to your county are 1. Size of sinks 2. The size of water tanks(Fresh & Waste) 3. Any specific setup of fresh & waste water tanks 4. Serving window size 5. Appliance certifications We cannot guarentee that our trailers will pass your county or state health codes or regulations due to the variability of health inspectors in some states, and also the relayed information, with this said we have never had any issues passing outside of the state of CA.

What is the Week by Week process?

Our process for building your custom food trailer & vending carts are outlined below week by week. Week 1 - Getting the food trailer Order Ready with Floorplan, Supplies, Raw Materials, & Appliances. Week 2 - Assembly of the concession Cart Chassis. Week 3-4 - Finish of entire vending trailer frame, begin cart steel lining & insulation material. Week 5-6 -Finish up interior base, install non-slip floor, stainless steel interior & make cuts for appliances. Week 6-7 -Finish the exterior & Interior with Fiberglass shelling & base coat paint. Week 7-8 - Finish up exterior paint, drop in sinks & appliances. Final electrical wiring. Week 9-10 - Final 9 point inspection for food trailer (Electrical outlets, connector tail lights, sinks, tires, chassis, hitch, sealed surfaces, appliance specs, breaker box) Begin shipping out. Week 9-15 - Booking, arranging, and Shipping your custom made vending trailer. *In case of simple carts 1-2 weeks can be cut down.

What is the timeframe of making a custom trailer?

Most of our food trailers for sale allow for a custom concession cart to arrive in your locale in 12-15 weeks upon the start of production *FEB 2012 ETA UPDATE AT THE MOMENT IS 15-18 weeks. This time could be much sooner and may change depending on complexity of build, # of appliances, and your location. For our smaller food carts 7-10 ft, timeline is more around the 7 week production, 4 weeks shipping & inspection. Our larger model concession trailers for sale will have a timeline more around 10-12 weeks total. Our very large vending trailers for sale over 13 feet will have a timeline around 10-12 weeks.

Do you offer warranty?

We offer a 1 year Manufacturers Limited Warranty on your custom made trailer & appliances. This is non-accidental & non-use warranty, so if anything is faulty out the box, we will ship out new appliances or compensate to cover the expense of repairs in your local. All of our concession trailers are always delivered insured, so if any damages happen during any point of delivery, it is fully covered and fully insured.

Where do you ship to & what are the costs?

We can ship just about anywhere in the the world. The closer to Los Angeles, CA the quicker & cheaper your shipping will be. Our base shipping is included in the initial costs shown so you do not have to expect a rediculous shipping fee in the thousands, more like $400-700.

What size ball & trailer light connection is used on your trailers?

A standard 2" ball mount is used & a 4 flat pin connector for the taillights are used to connect your custom vending trailer. These are both American standards.

What size trailer or concession cart will I need?

This question depends on a few factors; 1. The potential size of your operation: Some trailers fit 1-2 people, other can fit a whole crew. Also, considering the number of appliances that will fit in a limited space of your food concession trailers. 2. Your budget: Depending if you have one or not, or are expecting to get financing for your concession trailer. 3. Your food serving location: If you plan on vending in a mall or some street vending operations sometimes have sizing contraints.

How can I get a custom Quote for one of your models?

We pride ourselves in the easiest quote process available, No Strings Attached! All prices include fees, appliance installations, & base shipping. Please visit this link for a custom quote form submitted directly to our sales team in California.

What do your food trailers come stock with?

Our concession trailers & vending carts come stock with: -1-4 stainless steel sinks (3 compartment/1 hand sink), -Instantaneous electric tap water heater 120F, all plumbing, 5 & 7.5 gallon potable fresh and waste water tanks -Diamond non-slip flooring -304 stainless steel counters & shelving -Smooth white "easy to clean" wall panels -2" towable Ball Mount with chains *DOT Approved -Tail lights with turn signals & brake lights*DOT Approved -Wheels & tires *DOT Approved -LED light inside -American 110v Electrical outlets inside, 30 or 50 amp subpanel with exterior plug. -Bill of sale, vin #, and the Electronic Certificate of origin needed to register with DMV. Our stock trailers are made ready to run!

How are your food trailers powered?

Our concession carts for sale are powered by either a generator or an approved public power source. We cannot install solar power panels to power the trailers. We use a 30 or 50 amp exterior plug that fits most generators.

Can I provide my own trailer or appliances to be worked on?

We have a strict policy to not work with any outside equipment or trailers, but if you tell us the dimensions of your exact appliances you are planning on installing, we will make a custom cutout in the food trailer countertops & power outlets for you to drop in anything of your own, free of charge.

Do you provide financing for your custom food trailers?

We can recommend financing institutions that our customers have used in the past for their custom food trailers. These include small business loans, commercial equipment leases, etc. Please check this link to see potential financing options. The payment we accept from our clients and there financing companies will be 50% down deposit and 50% upon arrival or pickup.

How much money is required to pay upfront for a custom food trailer?

We do payment in 2 equal deposits of 50% 1st deposit 50% is to be placed on waitlist and start production in around 5-7 days. From here, we will be updating you every month or so with photos and an updated ETA showing the progress of the build. Once completed we will send over full photos showing the trailer as agreed upon. We do a quality inspection to make sure everything is safe and properly running for long periods of time. After we ship the trailer out to you, we accept the final deposit and then guide you along with the pickup or delivery instrucitons.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept ACH / Wire bank transfers, Cashier's Check, or Zelle. All of our trasactions have a signed legal contract drafted up before putting the first down payment, and we are verified merchant with Authorize.net

Do you have a showroom to come see your various Food trailer models?

Yes, by appointment only - 4035 E. Guasti Rd. Unit 306, Ontario California 91761 Please book ahead M-F 10am-3pm Call 909 246 9972 to schedule your appointment to come down and see any models we have in stock.

What certifications do you have?

We are a licensed distributor of food vending trailers in the U.S. Our company has live LLC status The trailers themselves pass EPA & FDA standards in the U.S.

Why shouldn't I order the same style food trailer from an overseas manufacturer?

We are a licensed distributor of these popular model of food trailers, the award winning designs have been replicated by manufacturers around the world, but none have the original patent, & none have an American foreman on premises to guarentee USA approval on the road or passing customs. When sourcing an overseas builder, you must be aware of a few major keys; 1. Overseas builders may not know or care about meeting your county health codes or DOT regulations. This means if you get the trailer through customs, you will not be able to get license plates for your trailer at DMV. 2. They may not give you the entire cost of fees, tarrifs, shipping, or warehousing up-front. 3. You must also be aware of charges & the process of clearing customs. We get contacted by many people who have had a similar trailers built by a foreign company, only to have it seized by US customs and lose their whole investment with no recourse. 4. Also beware of no warranty and no legal contract for a 2nd class build. There are many Cheap food trailers for sale from othe manufacturers, but the factors above are what put Arete above the rest. Check out this Arete Blog article about the rising cases of fraud in this industry and how to avoid it.

What do your concession trailers weigh?

Weight ranges between each model & are outlined on each vending trailer page, most are under 3000 lb & do not require brakes unless the trailer is more than 40% of your towing vehicle weight. Some stock weights listed below: 7x5 ft Rounder is 992 lb 9x6ft Rounder is 1653 lb 13x6ft Rounder is 2292 lb 9x6ft Boxer is 2094 lb 13x6ft Boxer A2 is 2711 lb 16 & 18 ft Boxers are 3747 lb 9.8ft Streamliner 2755 lb 12.4ft Streamliner 3747 lb 16.4ft Streamliner 4960 lb 18.7ft Streamliner 5732 lb

Do I register the Trailer with DMV?

Yes, each custom vending trailer for sale comes with a Vin #, Bill of Sale, and Certificate of Origin so you can take the food trailer to register under your name at DMV.

I am in CA, can I purchase your trailers?

-All CA clients must have a number of custom add ons to meet all health codes, an estimated +$2,055 which is automatically added to any CA quote inquiry submitted online. These are the add-ons necessary for a mobile food facility license in CA, so if you are not going for this license, we can remove it at your request. -Also, because the state of CA requires all ANSI approved appliances(these are appliances inspected by agencies like NSF, ETL, UL, etc.) All the appliances listed on our website with exception of the sinks and prep fridges cannot be used. Therefore, you will need to find all the appliances you mentioned “ “ and send us links to each. These can be found on websites like www.webstrauntstore.com www.katom.com www.restaurantsupply.com -To get your trailer licensed and approved, some minor modifications must be done when the trailer is completed. We work with a local builder in Ontario that make these *minor changes which include installing an NSF approved faucet, water heater, and hose inlet, bolting down all appliances, and possibly installing a gas line/fire suppression system if needed. They must also submit a plancheck review packet to your county health department for approval, which we provide the floorplans needed for this process. County submission fees are around $700-800. You must also pay HCD(Housing and community development for the state of CA) $600-700 for their insignia after the build is completed. *Price estimate of these minor installations are $90/hr bolting down each appliance, estimated $1000-1500 for plumbing installation, and $2000 for gas line, $2600 for fire suppression if needed. Some operations may not require all these various steps or add ons from the health dept., for instance if you're selling non-perishable goods, pre-packaged, or possibly catering, we advise everyone to consult with your county health dept. We will certainly guide you through this process step by step, so from here basically you must find the appliances you need online, and send us over links to verify if it can work in the layout shown above. If you have any further questions, please do feel free to reach out.