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Customization Options for a Mobile Food Trailer, Concession Stand, Cart Business

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Arete Food Trailers is one of the top manufacturers of mobile food trailers and concession carts throughout the U.S. We offer a wide variety of custom trailers that can be tailored to meet your business needs. Whether you are looking to start a mobile coffee shop, taco truck stand, retail cart for your business, Arete Food Trailers has an option available to suit your needs!


When it comes to customizing a food trailer, there are so many factors and items to consider, and some of the most important could be overlooked. That's why we include things like 3-compartment sinks, stainless steel counters, led lighting, and much more in our trailers already. But we also know that you’ll need more than the basics, so let's go over some equipment your trailer and food truck business might need.


Storage space is a huge factor in mobile food trailer business success and event longevity since many businesses will need to prep and process food on the go. We offer many dry storage options, like overhead shelving or under-counter storage space, each with the option of having sliding cabinet doors. This allows you to have more product in your trailer while still having plenty of workspace when it's time to cook! Make sure your needed tools are nearby like cutlery or plates, having them at arms reach will make your productivity go through the roof in a food truck business.

Refrigerators and freezers are also very important parts of mobile vending business operations; refrigeration is often considered one of the most essential pieces of equipment needed not only for storage but for prep as well. We offer a large selection of refrigeration, from display freezers to under-counter refrigerators. These will allow your concession cart business to prepare products for the day or keep things fresh after they’ve been prepped!

Now let's get to the fun part: cooking appliances. These are, without a doubt, some of the most important pieces of equipment in your mini food trailer and can make or break your business if they aren't properly equipped for efficient operations! We offer griddles and grills that will allow you to cook just about anything at a venue or on the street. We even offer other appliances like stoves, ovens, microwaves and so much more. Having these options allows food trailers and concession carts like ours to be more versatile than ever!

For some the staples of cooking appliances aren't enough, they need something more exciting to fit them and their mobile business. That something special may be a popcorn machine, smoothie maker, or snow cone machine. At Arete we offer specialty appliances that can meet the needs of all kinds of business and event types! Popcorn makers are great for carnivals and outdoor movies while waffle makers make perfect breakfast food at weekend events. And let's not forget about the smile that a snow cone can bring on someone's face.

Now that we've gone over some of the equipment your business might need to prepare and make your product, it's time to display it for customers! Letting people see what you're selling is essential in any industry and with something like our heated glass displays, you'll be able to show off all of your delicious products without compromising space! Display fridges are also great if you can't keep things out for very long but want customers to get a glimpse before they buy; this way everything stays fresh when its needed most!


If there's one thing I hope by now is that after reading this blog post you have an idea on how important customization truly is in any mobile business or food concession cart specifically. Are you ready to find out how an affordable food trailer could benefit your company? Request your free quote today by filling out this form. At Arete Food Trailers, we don't just build trailers - We Build Businesses! Discover How Affordable Food Trailers Can benefit your business.


Visit our other blog posts where we go more in depth into every aspect of building a trailer, choosing equipment and representing your business.

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Specialty Builds
Specialty Builds
Nov 23, 2022

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Jack Ross
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