THE BOXER® A2 - 19 Ft. Vending Trailer

THE BOXER® A2 - 19 Ft. Vending Trailer


The Boxer A2 is one of our signature Trailer Model Food Carts from Arete that is customizable according to your needs, including appliances, color, logos, etc. where everything is made to help you meet your County health code.

A unique eye catching design perfect for any small business on a budget looking to stand out with custom branding.

The Boxer is a perfect setup for those with small 1-5 person operations, with plenty of storage space & counter space to include appliances for any food vending operation.

What it includes:

The total price of our basic trailer $20,999 comes stock ready to run including; 

  • Any color
  • 3 compartment sink with seperated hand sink
  • 304 grade stainless steel counters with shelving
  • Aluminum Diamond non-slip floors
  • LED lighting
  • Storage Space
  • 10 gallon fresh water tank and 18 gallon waste tank *Can be upgraded any size
  • Water Pump 1 Gallon per minute flow rate
  • Water heater 120F
  • American electrical 30 or 50 amp subpanel 110v plugs with outside plug for generator
  • Taillights that can connect to your towing vehicle
  • Stabilizing Jack stands
  • DOT approved Tongue with tire chains & 2" Ball Mount
  • Vin #, Bill of Sale, Certificate of Origin *All needed to register at DMV


Exterior dimensions of trailer without tongue are 19.1’ x 6.8’ x 8.5’ LWH


Interior height is 77".


Cost includes base fees, installation, & insured base shipping costs, not full shipping cost. Extra fees are charged for any appliance or customization option you need us to install.



Our high demand requires a waitlist, which allows us to produce 1 custom cart delivered in around 9-12 weeks upon start of production *Currently extended to 4-6 months due to delays at ports. Time for producing a custom food trailer depends on the amount of customization, # of appliances, and your location. Most typically your trailer arrives ready for pickup in 9-12 weeks *4-6 months after we start production.



As mentioned above, our prices reflect a base shipping costs, but we can arrive to just about any major city for fees around $500-1200, & we can arrive directly to smaller cities for around $1000-1900. We ship via freight carriers in the US & have your shipment insured.​



We provide a warranty on the trailers & all appliances used. We also provide insured shipping when we ship out via freight to your nearest city.​  


What else you need to know:

Our food trucks, vending trailers, & concession carts, are all made with standard model setups that many food vending businesses have used in the past.


Besides everything outlined above, the most common things we stress our clients to find out, is any unique requirements from your county to meet health code; most everything included is standard to meet code, while some counties are a bit more strict to meet street vending code.


Most common variance will be in sink sizes, water tank sizes, & serving window.


If your county does not require anything unique, we are good to go & will have less delay in the whole process.​


More About Us:

Our award winning designs have been replicated by manufacturers around the world, but none have the original patent, & none make the builds or provide exceptional US based experience & expertise like Arete.​  Beware any builder or factory you may find overseas, as they may not have the correct electrical wiring, DOT approved specs for registering trailer for road use, the quality may be very poor and dangerous, or you may get trailer seized by customs or NHTSA.

Our custom concession trailers are all built brand new, with the quality & knowledge that comes from many years of experience.

With the Arete name, we chose to base our value on quality & ethics, so our pricing options have allowed prospective business owners the BEST Return on Investment over any other food truck, trailer, or cart.

Our concession trailers / food carts are fully custom with an eye catching design that will be sure to properly represent your business in a unique way to drive more sales

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