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Arete Food Trailers
Now Serving Texas

Arete Food Trailers is officially opening up locations in Texas, with branch manager now helping all of our Texas clientele from the Houston area.

With our delivery warehouse in the Houston, TX area, shipping and receiving of one of our custom trailers or food concession carts just got that much easier.  Shipping rates for a custom food cart for sale range from $1405-$2005 depending on the size, going to Houston, TX.  Shipping a mobile business elsewhere range about $2-3 per mile from Houston, TX.

Our main office being in CA, we have experience meeting some of the strictest regulations in the country, and we have much experience helping our Texas customers meet any kind of health code for their custom food trailers.

If your looking to start your own mobile business, Arete has the best value in the industry, and we give all of our prices up front.


Ask us about our dealership program!  Our dealership program allows you to be a part of one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S.A.  

Take advantage of our marketing and promotion, reap all the benefits of our Texas inquiries by opening up a small showroom space near your biggest town, and help build American small business!

For more information about ordering your fully custom food concession trailer in Texas, please contact our Texas regional manager seen below.

Open your own Arete dealership near you!

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(909) 360-0110



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